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Alumni Comments

Colin Reid, 2011, Assistant Professor
Northeastern University

UT’s accounting doctoral program provided excellent research training in a collaborative environment. Doctoral students are treated as colleagues by the accounting faculty as they progress through the program. Furthermore, the Haslam College of Business is unique due to the collaboration among departments. This interdisciplinary approach to research is particularly beneficial for those interested in research topics that may impact various disciplines. The accounting department’s loyal alumni and donors make it possible for doctoral students to receive first-rate support. Lastly, I am thankful to share great relationships both personally and professionally with fellow UT students who have graduated before me, with me, as well as those students who have come after me.

Brian Carver, 2008, Assistant Professor
Mississippi State University

At the University of Tennessee, I had the opportunity to work with faculty who are leaders in their respective fields, and I had access to an unparalleled set of resources. More importantly, the faculty created a collaborative environment that resulted in the development of continuing relationships between myself and both faculty and other doctoral students. As a graduate, I have come to understand not only the importance of this aspect of my doctoral program, but also the uniqueness of it.

Carl Hollingsworth, 2007, Assistant Professor
Clemson University

The University of Tennessee accounting Ph.D. program provided me with the critical thinking and technical skills required to make a significant contribution in accounting research. The faculty treats each student as a young colleague and mentors him or her through the Ph.D. program. In the process, I not only learned how to conduct high-quality research, but I also learned how professors serve as role models and advisors for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Scott Bronson, 2006, Assistant Professor
Michigan State University

The University of Tennessee’s Ph.D. program in accounting focuses on exposing students to research as soon as they enter the program. The combination of my first-semester coursework (including a seminar that provided a survey of accounting research and an independent study), one-on-one faculty meetings, and my hands-on experience as a research assistant enabled me to begin working on co-authored research during my first year at UT. In addition, my early program of study focused on providing me with the context needed to understand how to apply some of the more theoretical topics covered in the courses that I took later. The program and the faculty do an excellent job providing students with the necessary tools to produce meaningful academic research.

Hui Chen, 2005, Assistant Professor
The University of Colorado

My time as a doctoral student at the University of Tennessee was a combination of fun and hard work. Going through a Ph.D. program is very challenging: the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. However, it becomes enjoyable when you have good professors and fellow students to work with. I made some best friends during my four years in Knoxville, and we still talk today about work, life, and research ideas!”

Kevin James, 2000, Assistant Professor
Middle Tennessee State University

My experience was very good. I've talked to students in many other programs and felt fortunate to be where I was. One of the most important things is that I felt the professors were very supportive and genuine in their desire to see me succeed, both in the program and afterwards. Also important for me was the flexibility offered in tailoring my program for my particular interests.

LeAnn Luna, 2000, Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

The UT faculty is nationally recognized not only in accounting but also throughout the school of business. A key element of my education was the opportunity to consult and work with faculty in these other departments. In fact, my most memorable experience was accompanying economist Dr. William Fox on a trip to Bosnia sponsored by the World Bank to evaluate the sub-national taxing options of that war-torn nation.

Al Nagy, 1999, Assistant Professor
John Carroll University

I found my Ph.D. experience at the University of Tennessee to be very rewarding. The program certainly promotes working with the faculty versus working for them. By having the opportunity to work closely with accomplished researchers during my Ph.D. experience, I have come to appreciate both the difficulties and rewards of performing academic research. The confidence and skills I've gained from the Ph.D. program at UT prepared me well for my future career in academia.

Dick Riley, 1998, Assistant Professor
West Virginia University

I look back on my Ph.D. days at UT with complete satisfaction. I could not have been more prepared for my chosen career path of professor of accounting.

Yvonne Hinson, 1997, Associate Professor
Wake Forest University

I am very thankful for and appreciative of the support that I received from my professors while working on my Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee. I felt as though my professors took a personal interest in my education. They keep the Ph.D. program small and do a great job of selecting students up front. Once you are in the program you feel as though the faculty want you to succeed, and they work closely with you to help ensure success both in the program and in your career after graduation.

Kip Krumwiede, 1996, Assistant Professor
Boise State University

I found the Accounting and Business Law faculty very supportive, and yet they set high standards for success. I learned so much about academic life and felt I had several mentors on the faculty with my best interests in mind. I truly felt the UT faculty prepared me well for my academic career and I am so pleased that I chose UT for my doctoral program.

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