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Information Management Collateral and Concentration

Information Management (IM) in the College of Business

Information management is a collateral or a concentration option for some of the College majors. (IM is not offered as a major.) Within the 24 hours of their major, College of Business students may study two areas of emphasis – their major with a collateral or their major with a dual concentration.

Information Management (IM)—A Broad, Global Business Perspective

Although many of the Information Collateral faculty members are administratively housed in the Department of Accounting and Information Management, the IM collateral is a broad, business-based study of information and technology for all sizes and types of organizations (including national and multinational organizations). Students will learn about information management from a variety of perspectives, including logistics, human resources, finance, business analytics, marketing, production, management and accounting.

The Information Management (IM) Collateral

Majors that allow students to pursue a collateral in information management include:

The hours of coursework required depends on your major.

The Information Management (IM) Concentration

Majors that allow students to pursue a concentration in information management include:

The hours of coursework required are:

When Should You Get Started?

Students should begin the IM collateral or concentration coursework during their junior year of study. Waiting to begin during the senior year is strongly discouraged and may not be a feasible option.

Information Management (IM) Course Grade Requirement

In the College of Business, a minimum grade of C must be earned in every course counted toward the major, including major, collateral, or dual concentration courses. Therefore, students must earn a C in all information management courses to receive credit toward graduation requirements.

Information Management Coursework

There are currently four undergraduate information courses offered at the University of Tennessee.

Software Use in Information Management Courses

Our program strives to give students access to a variety of the latest software tools, many of which are offered to students at no cost through our participation in Microsoft Academic Alliances, Oracle Academic Alliances and similar programs.

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