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Lauren Reid
Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

I am extremely grateful for my time as a doctoral student at the University of Tennessee. My experience far exceeded my expectations. From day one, I felt supported by the faculty and other students.

Everyone involved wants to see you succeed, which is critical as you complete challenging coursework and learn how to conduct academic research. As a Ph.D. student, I had the opportunity to work with top researchers in my field. Not only did they impart important technical research skills, but they invested in me and my career. My advisors continue to mentor me after graduating, and I am very appreciative of their support, insights and guidance as I grow as an academic. The Haslam College of Business was definitely the perfect place for me to start my career!

Scott Bronson
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

The Haslam College of Business’ Ph.D. program in accounting focuses on exposing students to research as soon as they enter. The combination of my first-semester coursework (including a seminar that provided a survey of accounting research and an independent study), one-on-one faculty meetings, and my hands-on experience as a research assistant enabled me to begin working on co-authored research during my first year at UT.

In addition, my early program of study focused on providing me with the context needed to understand how to apply some of the more theoretical topics covered in the courses that I took later. The program and the faculty do an excellent job providing students with the necessary tools to produce meaningful academic research.

Jonathan Shipman
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

Leaving the comforts of an established career path to go back for a Ph.D. was a big decision for me and my family. It was critical to find a program that would provide me the necessary resources, support and guidance to maximize my chance at a successful transition. I felt confident that the University of Tennessee was that place and my experience during the program definitely confirmed it.

I received high-level academic training and, importantly, I found both the faculty and my fellow students to be actively interested in helping me succeed. By the time I finished the program, it was very clear that I had made the progress necessary to place well and that my time at the Haslam College of Business had provided the necessary foundation for a successful academic career. Even after graduating, my ties to UT continue to have a positive impact on my career. The University of Tennessee was the ideal choice.

Quinn Swanquist
Assistant Professor, Georgia State University

I could not have chosen a better place to get my Ph.D. in accounting than the University of Tennessee. The accounting department provides top-notch resources to help students start successful academic careers. The faculty is well-respected, highly supportive and committed to Ph.D. student success. The program is flexible and allows for interdisciplinary study across a variety of fields including finance, public policy and economics. I will always cherish my time in Knoxville and the life-long friendships I made there. UT holds a special place in my heart!

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